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Alice Könitz: The Wall House Mystery

The Wall House Mystery

An interesting phenomenon happens when you are looking for a specific thing that you are not directly familiar with in a certain place that's equally unfamiliar to you. Most of the time you will "find" it by attributing what you are looking for to the most likely thing around. My mother used to tell me about a candid camera recording in the 1980's. Some pranksters had taken sewing patterns, and asked random passers-by to show them how to get to a certain destination in the city, presenting the sewing patterns as a map. Many who were asked, apparently unfamiliar with sewing patterns, were determined to be helpful, and "found" the right directions on what they easily accepted as a map. What interests me here is not the fact that some people can never admit to not knowing something, but the readiness to take one thing for another just because it's there. I observe myself doing this all the time.

We relate to objects mostly because we contextualize them, we have our narratives about our daily surroundings. When I first visited the Wall House, I was able to place it historically, but it remained unfamiliar to me. I wanted to find the right tale for it. Back in Los Angeles I created a loose plot for a story that I called "The Wall House Mystery" by attributing characters and locations to images from a car insurance magazine. Now, during my residency I work on scuptures that relate both to the Wall House and to the story that I made up. Living in the house while working on the sculptures, the psychological and the physical presence of the house change both the sculptures and the narrative. In turn the sculptures and the narrative will change the experience of the house.

wall house #2 from shaken, not stirred on Vimeo.

Opening September 15 (15:00 – 23:00 hours)

Additional: short boat trip between 15:00 – 20:00
The Wall House Mystery will be on view untill Sunday October 28
Opening hours; Saterdays and Sundays from 13:00 – 17:00 and on appointment (06-52065213)

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